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iCanProgress has refined and transformed my daily assessment practices. It allows me to combine effective pedagogical documentation, authentic assessment, and visible learning everyday in my classroom. The iCanProgress app has allowed me to easily and effectively see the link between the curriculum expectations, the learning goals, and success criteria of a task or activity. Student progress from diagnostic assessments, to formative and summative tasks is all in one place, one portfolio, that I can share with parents!

Mlle. M. – Grade 7/8 Teacher

This app is amazing! I teach The Arts, and therefore, am working with approximately 150 students on any given day. I have never been so organized and efficient with documentation. This app is a lifesaver, and parents absolutely love staying in the loop with their children’s progress. Keep the updates coming!

Mrs. L. – Arts Teacher

iCanProgress has certainly helped me to document my students’ progress more effectively and efficiently, but further, it has also helped me to better plan lessons and rich tasks for my students. Effective planning is a KEY element to good teaching. The ‘Learning Activity’ builder with embedded Curriculum Expectations is exactly what Ontario teachers need. It allows us to think explicitly about what we are trying to teach without having to keep several Curriculum Documents open on our (already cluttered) desks! I love that I can share descriptive feedback instantly with parents by tapping a button. This app truly has it all and needs to be on every teacher’s iPad.

Mr. C. – ELKP Teacher